Now in its sixth year, the Peaks Performance Awards, brought to you by My Booking Rewards, is an awards event like no other.

The event celebrates your hard work and your efforts during the peaks period. Its is a challenging few months for anyone in travel sales, so this celebration is well deserved by all of you.

So what makes this awards night different from all the others?

Firstly, the invitation list is determined by the suppliers. They run their awards programmes on MBR throughout the year, paying out literally thousands of pounds to thank you for your business and reward your loyalty to them. But tonight, they invite only those that have logged the most bookings during peaks. And those that sit at the very top of the list, measure by number of bookings logged, will be named by each individual supplier and rewarded handsomely at the event.

The other thing that makes the PPA’s stand out is that we have a small number of rewards. The majority of the evening is spent in an informal atmosphere mingling, chatting and sharing food and wine with your fellow top sellers and the various suppliers that invited them. There will be a mind-blowing mix of entertainment and a late-night DJ for those that have the stamina.

You can reserve your place, watch out for updates of suppliers and start logging your bookings from today at